Current Company Focus

  In late 2012 we started seeing a severe down trend in our oilfield transportation and operations division due to industry enhancements such as self-moving rigs and multiple hole pads. In an effort to stay ahead of the curve and to keep the company profitable, management put together a plan to shift the company away from the oilfield and rig moving and focus more on our transportation and hauling.  By 2013 we sold off most of our Heavy Haul equipment and re-tooled the fleet with 2011 or newer over the road trucks and started focusing on fulfilling the needs of costumers wanting power only units.

History of JCB Trucking

JCB Corp dba JCB Trucking, was formed as a corporation in the state of Wyoming in October, 2005, by the Eaton family, who has generations of oilfield experience, specializing in rig-down, transport and rig-up of oil and gas drilling rigs, as well as, providing oil field services and production work-moving pipe, camps, and other equipment. 

The Corporation was originally founded by Julie M. Eaton, her son, Cody L. Eaton, and her husband, Bennie Eaton. Today the company is equally held by Cody Eaton and Annette Betancourt and their primary focus is Power only Long Haul.

The Company focused on fulfilling the Transportation needs of oilfield companies that require specialized equipment and expertise to rig-down and rig-up their equipment on a drilling location and then Transport it to a new location.  JCB held numerous Master Service Agreements (MSA’s) with such Oil Companies as: Chesapeake, EOG, Cabot Gas & Oil, XTO Energy, and most of the other major players in the industry. JCB has safely moved over 600 rigs in the past decade alone. As many drilling companies across the United States will confirm, JCB is a company that they trust and count on to move their equipment in a timely safe manner.

Our Equipment Included: • Specialized Bed Trucks • Winch Trucks • Haul Trucks • Long Haul Oversize Trailers • Hotshot Trucks & Trailers • Loaders